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The vGuitarLessons "Gold Membership" grants you access to 3 top quality full length video lessons (worth $38.85) every month to accelerate your playing to an increible standard and grow your song repertoire to an unbelieveable size in record time!

Our lessons sell indevidually for $14.95 each, but for just $14.95 per month we will give you access to 3 full lessons every month. That's 1/3rd of the usual price!

As a "vGuitar Gold Member" we'll give you access to 3 New Full Length Video Lessons Every Month, but to thank you for signing-up and to get you off to a flying start, we've crammed in as much as we can into the first month. If you sign up today, you'll receive:

In Your First Month You’ll Receive:

12 videos
  Instant access to the 12 free lessons (jump the queue and work your way through these great lessons)
3 videos
  3 Song Style lessons to teach you Blues, Rock 'n' Roll and Funky Rock playing styles. ($44.85 value)
12 videos
  2 More vital skills lessons to teach you a range of chords, and how to tune your guitar by ear ($29.90 value)

3 full length vGuitar Lesson (value $44.85):

All Right Now - Free
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Sweet Home Alabama - Lynrd Skynrd
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Basket Case - Green Day
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...then we'll send you 3 more lessons to watch and learn the following month. We've paced this out for the optimum learning speed.... just the right number of new lessons every month to stretch your skills and keep you on your toes.

So for just $14.95 you get instant access to all this great content valued separately at over $120.00. If you don't enjoy the lessons you can cancel your membership at any time... there's no minimum contract or tie-in period. We only want happy customers so this first month is a great way for you to see how our lessons work, and to see if you like our style (we're pretty sure you will).

Every video is painstakingly put together with animated TAB and chord diagrams, plus 3 separate camera angles to ensure you see ALL the action and don't miss a single detail.

This is the most affordable package we've ever offered, and we believe it to be incredible value at just $14.95 per month.

So take advantage of this amazing offer and become a vGuitar Gold Member today!

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