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Guitar Fundamentals

21 Lessons, Tips and Tricks That Every Top Player Knows!

Ever wondered why your playing doesn't ever sound quite like your favourite players even after weeks, months or years or practice the same chords and solos they are playing?

What are they doing that you don’t know?

It’s not always a matter of how many hours you play!

Filmed on location at Gibson, London, this unique collection of lessons is designed to give you a rare insight in to how the pros and top players approach their playing.

Taught by Richard Deyn, Educational Consultant to Gibson Guitars, UK, this series of lessons will show you the ‘know-how’ and tricks that set the top players apart from the rest.

Richard will guide you through vital areas of your playing from making sure you are bending and holding the guitar correctly through to some much less known tricks to expand your soloing.

These are the insights you have always wondered about and never known where to find them!!!

Richard has distilled his 20 years and a professional player and guitar teacher in to these 21 lessons which contain some of the most important ideas you will ever learn.


FUNDAMENTALS will ensure you understand the foundations of playing that every good player knows and uses every day. Are you holding the guitar in the optimum position? Do you know what key you are playing in and do you know what all those setting on the amp really do?

LEAD IDEAS will give you deeper insight into phrasing and how you can develop your lead playing into a more mature and seasoned sound.

RHYTHM IDEAS will show you various ways of making your rhythm playing more intuitive including how to move smoothly through chord changes will lead fills.

Who will benefit from these insights?
Everyone! Beginners can create a strong foundation to their playing with the best way to hold the guitar and the pick as well as seeing how important and cool the scales and chords can sound almost immediately.
Intermediate players will gain certainly to their technique and super- charge their playing to another level with the Lead Ideas and Rhythm Ideas sections.

About the author:

Richard Deyn

Since 1992, Richard's dynamic and varied musical career, has taken him around the world spanning every genre of music from Indian Classical through to Rock and Pop including solo albums, collaborations, film and TV scores as well as teaching the guitar to thousands of players.

Richard is the educational consultant to Gibson UK. His wide range of students include beginners, pro players, sports stars and well known figures working in the music business today.


Enabling someone to play something recognizable, quickly, removes one of the major obstacles to learning an instrument as early frustration can lead to an instrument being discarded. Richard appears to have solved this problem thus opening the door to easier advancement on the guitar.'

Nigel Pulsford - Guitarist for BUSH


Lesson List:
Holding The Pick
Hand Positions
Amp Settings
Volume Pot Gain Control
Knowing What Key You're In
Rhythm With Lead Fills
Open Strings With Barre Chord
12 Bar Blues Ideas
Pick or Fingers?
Rhythm Dynamics
Percussive Rhythm
Solo Phrasing
Blues Soloing
Major/Minor Bending And Vibrat
Toggle Switch Effects
Pick Squeals
Tapping Ideas
Faster Pentatonics

Feedback From Happy Customers:

I've never felt so confident on the guitar. Thanks rich! He has given me the driving force to play live gigs again

28-day rockstar man from reno
James Jenkins - Man From Reno

Richard's coaching skills have taken me from an aspiring songwriter (starting from scratch), to an accomplished guitar player with a few songs under my belt. His technical understanding of music and ability to answer endless questions has always impressed me. Coupled with a great understanding of people and excellent mentoring skills, his patience and encouragement has driven the best out of me. I can highly recommend him!

Gordon Wright, 35, I.T. Manger.

I enjoyed this course very much, especially learning the man, varied songs. I achieved much more than I ever thought possible. The general pace of the course was great and I was surprised at the results I achieved using Richards' methods. I have already reached many of my goals and feel so much closer to my Ultimate Guitar Dream! I don't want to stop learning now! I can't imagine my life without the guitar. It's one of the best things I have ever achieved for myself. I play every day - I'm hooked! I would recommend this system anytime.

Steve Last, 43, Building Developer

The course is very easy and extremely clear to understand and follow. I found the visualisation techniques very useful. I thought they might be a waste of time at first! I am very pleased with all my achievements over the past 4 weeks. I have achieved all I had hoped for. I am now planning to join a band. Excellent programme - I really enjoyed it. Thank You!

Kirsten Hurlock, 28, School Teacher

You are a truly inspirational teacher. George just has to ask to learn a tune and he has not only learnt one but two in a session. He is so motivated to practice that it is hard to keep him off his guitar. Not only are you an excellent guitar teacher but you have taught him skills for life i.e self belief,and coping strategies for times when is not feeling so confident.
I can not thank you enough for what you have done for George. Thank you for the time you have given to George, for your understanding and insight. Everyone I speak to says the same.
You are an amazing person.
Best Wishes for your future. I'm sure you will continue to be an inspiration.

Deborah Creed, Mother of George, 10.

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